What Makes Us Special?


Relax when you work with us. 


No matter what your requirements, we're experienced enough to handle it. 

We've been involved in the upcycled art industry since 2001.

We don't claim to know everything but we've experienced and overcome challenges such as; flooding, military coups, pandemics, shipping issues and changing regulations to become a company well-know by our clients as one that will always find solutions.


When you order with us you're going to receive artwork that lasts, requires minimal maintenance and is strong and safe.

We've perfected our packaging methods over the past decades and we use independent quality inspectors to thoroughly examine our largest statues before they leave the workshop.



Micro-manage every detail or let our artists take the initiative, It's entirely up to you.

For clients looking to get involved with the design process we often work with leading sketch-artists to capture all the details of your ideas.


Otherwise, sit back, relax and let our lead-artists take the initiatives.  


We know that valuing artwork can be complicated and perhaps irrational so we leave that to our clients.


We base our designs on the cost of materials and the time taken rather than predicting the value an auctioneer might sell them for.

In doing this, our artists are paid well and our clients benefit from the best possible value.  If you have experience in the art industry or are planning to resell our designs then you'll likely be very well rewarded.


Save yourself hours of research by letting us connect you with the most appropriate artist for your needs.

We represent multiple artists and workshops throughout the world and are always adding more artists and their works to our portfolio.

We aren't tied to any one artist or workshop (although yes we do have our favourites).  as we cast our net we come closer to becoming a 1-stop-shop for all your up-cycled needs.


We'll design new statues for you, usually at no extra cost.

Although we have a portfolio now of over 500 designs, nearly all of our art has been created when a client has requested it.  

See something you like but want it modified?  Perhaps larger, or in a different colour? Want a dragon but in the same style as we've created a dinosaur?  We'll be thrilled to accommodate.


We work hard to make sure that we handle the business side of your order and allow our artists to focus on what do best.

Many of our artists don't speak English and rarely keep records and we offer them an opportunity to make smooth sales outside of their country.  

In doing so you benefit from the work of exclusive artists without risks of miscommunication or frustrations. 


You'll enjoy working with us. 


We get the job done but we'll do it with a smile and a sense of enthusiasm.


We're not a bunch of corporate robots sitting in our glass towers.  On the contrary we're proud of building a business on our terms and enjoying every moment of it.

We are selective who we work with and we love creating design specification with you, sharing progress updates with you, learning about your individual likes, dislikes and circumstances.


Ensure that your artwork is fresh and newsworthy.


We allow our artists free reign to explore new styles and materials and typically introduce new styles every few months.  


In doing so, you can feel reassured that if you want a statue that's novel, attention-grabbing and never been seen before we'll have something especially for you.





You'll appreciate the story behind your creation; the work that goes into the planning, the selection of materials and the creation process itself.

We love sharing our updates with you as it's both reassuring and exciting to see the changes.  

A large commission may take many months and we want to ensure that you're confident that we're working and keeping to the intended schedule.  Expect progress photos, videos and regular shipping updates so you are never left wondering. 


We do things differently, mainly because we've found no business doing quite what we do.


We coordinate translators, sketch-artist and quality inspectors unlike any other company.

Our partnerships and marketing initiatives are unique and our open-mindedness and flexibility means we're always looking at finding new ways to work with clients.



Once we confirm we're able to help you we'll introduce you to Martin - the company founder and managing director.  

Martin takes a personal interest in every commission and he'll take responsibility for making sure everything runs smoothly.  

You'll benefit from his vast experience in the industry.