We are proud to always be innovating and trialling new styles so that clients always have designs that are novel and varied.

Typically every year we'll master 2-3 completely new styles that can take our business in a totally new direction.

See below a selection of styles we currently specialise in.

Our most common style.  We source from junkyards and factories to collect a huge variety of components which we use to create designs by welding them all together like a jigsaw.

Our artists painstakingly weld together literally thousands of metal nuts to create accurate contours, especially muscles and facial expressions.

The Hulk-inspired design took our business viral a few years ago.

It can take a long time to beat sheet metal exactly how we need it but the results can be spectacular.

This Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) design is perhaps our most ambitious work to date with incredible details needed to define his facial features.

One of our workshops is dedicated to this appealing style.  Typically we create large animals on a wire-frame and use strips of rubber tires to emulate thick skin and fur.

These sculptures have proven popular as an outdoor exhibit because of their durability and they are practical to be touched and perhaps climb onto.

We discovered that the petrol tanks of motorbikes look fantastic as a texture for reptiles, dinosaurs and think-skinned animals.

Most of these designs are built on a steel wire-frame which means they are hollow, relatively lightweight and fantastic value for their size.

Here's some designs that don't fit into other categories.  Of note; Throne made from Golf Clubs, Bear from spark-plugs, Bear from bicycle chain and an eagle from metal shavings.