6 Reasons It's Smart To Market With Statues During Covid

The phrase I hear myself saying so often is that "I hope you're making the most of Covid". It's a diplomatic phrase because whilst some companies can't believe their fortune there's also a lot of companies really struggling.

My father recently died of Covid so I don't want to make light of how grave a situation we're in. I'm also hopeful though that it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to evaluate what's important in life and challenge a lot of conventions that perhaps don't serve us too well.

Coronavirus has encouraged us to totally reconsider our social-media and many of you might relate to our experience and insights.

Earlier this year we were happily spending thousands a month on Instagram and Facebook and we had a wait list of leads waiting for our introduction calls. It felt great to be building up our sales pipeline but after exhausting our monthly budget, adding details into our "contact us-when-Covid-is-just-a-distant-memory" list, we started to question the value of our marketing-spend.

We recognised why investing in a statue for marketing during these 'uncertain times' has massive advantages compared to online advertising.

Here's where this starts to make sense:

#1 You Don't Flush Your Statues Down Toilets

We're at a time now where we're only just poking our head out from the bunker to see if customers are ready to buy from us. If they're not ready then traditional ad-spend is going to be wasted. Most likely, flashing an advert up on social media will be ignored, forgotten about and you'll not see that money again.

A statue on the other hand is here to stay. It's a 1-time cost, If it's up on the high-street and that high-street's currently quiet then it'll stay there for when they return. Not only that but your statue will last you a lifetime and it'll work to generate publicity through rain, shine and even pandemics.

#2 Free Social Media Exposure

With a bit of forethought you'll be able to get far more social media exposure than with a paid campaign. Have your customers pose with it for photos, offer competitions for people who share photos of it online.

You'll likely find that your fans post on their personal pages - sharing publicity for you amongst all of their friends. They're effectively endorsing your company and, unlike paid social media ads they're showing up on the social media pages your audience chooses and enjoys looking at.

#3 Offline Exposure

Reach out to that dying demographic of people who aren't glued to their phones. You'll have a statue you can perhaps position in your storefront, on your high-street or take with you to a trade show or expo. Contact your local, or national newspapers, TV stations and perhaps launch a big unveiling and news will spread fast. You can't buy publicity like this.

#4 Recycle Your Recycled Art

Your artwork is as flexible and versatile as your imagination and there are many opportunities to keep it fresh and interesting. Perhaps switch it to different locations or premises or move an indoor statue outside. Adorn it with Christmas, Halloween or party attire. Switch out it's accessories.

My personal battle-droid design had his gun removed and replaced with flowers during my wedding and served as a greeter. When we hosted parties we'd often cover him in themed clothing or adorn him with tinsel and lights.

#5 Rent Your Statue Out

Depending on your industry, you might see huge benefits in loaning your statue out, ideally with your company name or brand connected with it or even loan it out for a profit.

#6 Resell Your Statue as A Smart Investment

You're buying something unique and unusual and, most likely you've taken your chance in ordering from us without seeing the final design in person.

You've also been patient enough to wait for shipping and have your statue delivered to your door. The hard work and the small risks are over now and you have something of value that you can likely sell on for a profit.

We have clients who do this regularly using their profits to order the next new design. If this is of interest to you then we may even be able to introduce you to local buyers.

You should have some ideas now as to how you can use your statue to give your business a huge marketing advantage over your competitors and why it may be a credible alternative or complement to your traditional marketing practices.

We have statues to meet most budgets and are delighted to take the time learning about your needs, budget and dreams so that we can offer you a no-obligations estimate or quotation.

If you are keen to learn more please get in touch here.

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