Are Your Statues Licensed?

You'll notice that we are very careful to clarify that many of our statues are 'inspired by' movie and TV characters. As our work is hand-made there is a level of artistic license offered to the work we create. We do, and we have worked with companies before who grant us licenses for our work, or more commonly it is our clients who apply for licensing to use our sculptures for marketing purposes. Currently the large Transformer robots are for a client who has the licensing to display these as official transformer designs in their home country. We advise clients who order designs that are inspired by licensed characters to be cautious if they wish to market their artwork. A common solution is ltt our artists offer is to omit or alter trademarked features of a character for example by using different colouring for a transformer robot or perhaps giving Hulk a new hairstyle.


How Does Shipping Work?

We have a specialist packing facility near the Port in Bangkok who have 20 years of experience making sure your statues are packed safely into wooden pallets, and for larger statues, we pack directly into a container. We typically ship from Bangkok to Southampton and we either forward your container by road directly to your door, or we use the pallet distribution network if we have packed multiple statues into a shared container. Typical shipping time is about 6 weeks and we will update you once your statues leave Bangkok and when we’ve been notified that they’ve arrived in Southampton. We endeavour to work with you to keep shipping costs to a minimum. If we can offer you a discount by combining your order with others we’ll give you the option.

Can I Arrange My Own Shipping

Certainly. We can arrange to have your order moved to our Bangkok packaging centre where you can arrange your own collection. Please note that your order must be paid for in full before we authorise this.

How Do You Ship Our Statues?

As our statues are heavy, we recommend ocean-freight but most often we'll also provide an estimate for air-freight too which is significantly faster but obviously costs more.

How Long Does It Take To Make A Sculpture?

Everything is create by hand and some designs take more skill, time and artists than others. We'll provide you with a lead-time estimate before we begin work but we can create most sculptures within 8-12 weeks. Certain times of the year our workshop can get especially busy and we do often have waitlists before work can begin too.


What is the Order Process?

Do You Sell Smaller Statues?

We can but we're choosing not to. Our business model is very much centred around large, attention-grabbing unique sculptures because we know our work is worldclass in th. Our workshops have (and still do) provide smaller statues and we do make these available to select resellers. Please contact us if you're interested to know more and we'll see how best we can help.

How do Custom-Commissions Work?

How Does Payment Work?

If we are able to begin work within 4 weeks we ask for a 50% deposit. We provide progress updates at least every 2 weeks and require a final 50% payment when your work is completed. We then pack and weigh your statue to invlice you with a confirmed shipping cost. Once received we'll arrange for your order to be collected and delivered to-door.

Referrers & Resellers

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Quality Control