Zoos & Theme Parks

We have had a lot of demand for dinosaurs since 2012 and now have experience creating them in different styles.

Our largest statues are typically built into 3 parts for ease of transport and packing.

We are always happy to commission new species on request in any size.

If you require modifications to our designs please let us know before we begin work.  You may wish to have claws and teeth blunted for safety or if you have restrictions on space we can ensure parts can be sized to fit within doorways etc.


The Order Process

Petrol-Tank Dinosaurs

We’ve started developing a range of dinosaurs using petrol tanks from motorbikes for the scales. This creates a very interesting texture that looks great and is intriguing to touch. A nice benefit is that they are lightweight and, when built onto a wireframe we can create large statues at a very good price. Currently we’ve created a brachiosaurus, stegosaurus, triceratops and t-rex to our petrol tank portfolio and we’ll be adding more. Our lead artist is especially keen to create more dinosaurs as he is casually building his own dinosaur park on his premises. Currently our dinosaurs have never been sold out of Thailand so you’ll be receiving something unique, attention-grabbing and at a great price.

Traditional Scrap-Metal Designs

As creative as our petrol-tank texture is, you’ll see more design variety on the surface of these scrap-metal dinosaurs as we use as lot more variety in the components.

Skeletal Designs

Our Largest Design Ever

As of August 2018 this brachiosaurus statue is our largest statue ever. It is approximately 4m tall and 8m in length. This dinosaur is built over a reinforced steel wireframe which means it’s quite hollow inside. The outside texture is patterned out of motorcycle petrol tanks which is the first time we’ve used this material in a design. Despite the large size, this statue offers fantastic value and, as of today only one of these designs has been made for a Thai client.

Smaller Dinosaur Designs / Collectables / Souvenirs

We have a number of smaller dinosaur designs that are suitable as collectables and souvenirs.