Gimmicks, Mascots & Exhibits for Brands

We’ve been commissioned by corporations to create mascots, signs, gifts and headline-grabbing exhibits for companies worldwide.

We are happy to take designs requirements directly from clients or use our own initiative to suggest ideas that will work.

Our most recent large commission was for ‘client loyalty’ gifts with DTAC Corp – one of the largest telecom operators in Thailand.

We are active in the sports industry having created the figurehead logo for Thailand’s main Futsal stadium, a large transformer design for one of the country’s most-popular sport stadiums and a series of trophies for road-racers in America.

We’ve had commissions for brochure holders from a Polish client who has ordered multiple Sci-fi designs to give his stall the advantage when displaying at trade shows.

Our works are often used to decorate holiday resorts and our sheep and Shrek designs welcome tourists to a resort in Thailand and to a resort within the Soviet Union.

Oppo Mobile Phone Mascot

This mascot was created to represent Oppo mobile phones, Thailand


These trophies were commissioned by a large corporation in Thailand for their clients.

Illuminated Horse for A Shopping Mall

Mallow Mushroom, USA