About Martin’s Curations Ltd.

Our purpose is to develop partnerships with artists worldwide to provide unique artwork to our clients.

We’ve been operating since 2003 selling worldwide to both retail and wholesale clients.

Martin's Curations Ltd. is actually the third evolution of our business.  We began in 2006 as "Art From Steel" - selling both small and large statues, mostly to retail clients, and we then incorporated in the USA in 2013 as "The True Potential Group Inc. and trading as "Truepot Distribution" where we focused solely on serving corporate clients.

Martin's Curations Ltd. was founded in 2018 after I returned to the UK and my youngest daughter started school.  We still value the main workshops we've built a fantastic relationship with over the years, we still serve our loyal clients and we're now headstrong in expanding and sharing their talents with the world.

Our focus is on building, bigger, bolder and more creative designs than ever - whilst emphasising upcycling and being sustainable.  Technology has come a long way since we began and we're proud to have a team of translators, sketch-artists and a modern online database to be able to lead the industry in fantastic customer service and efficiency.


Martin Pavion, the company founder is English, with two children.  He has travelled throughout Asia, living in Thailand for 15 years and has built successful businesses in industries as diverse as telecoms, e-commerce, hospitality.  He loves connecting with people, both clients and artists.